Keppler Bradley and Essendon mess up

During the trade period Freo wanted to pick up Keppler Bradley from Essendon. They offered a 3rd round draft pick….Essendon said no, he is worth at least a second round draft, stale mate…Harvey did not blink.

Now we get the news that Essendon have delisted him!! story

Unbelievable….now we pick him up for nothing……

The trade week is designed so players can move clubs….and its a good idea….because good players dont want to be forced to play for the Weegirls.

3 thoughts on “Keppler Bradley and Essendon mess up”

  1. I played against him in a spring footy comp a few years back. Tackled him and got a holding the ball, so I don’t rate him that high!
    But won’t mention the 50+ possessions in 40 minutes of footy and steamrolling practically everyone else.

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