Cousins in Purple

Will the Wee Girls supporters boo him? He might get a double boo….. 🙂

FREMANTLE coach Mark Harvey has left the door ajar for Ben Cousins to make a comeback, refusing to rule out the possibility of drafting the disgraced star.

On day one of the Dockers’ pre-season campaign, Harvey was asked whether Cousins might feature on the club’s radar if he was to nominate for the pre-season draft.

And while distancing the Dockers from any possible move for the former Eagles star, Harvey was also careful not to rule it out completely – saying the AFL’s decision whether they would allow Cousins to play would have to come first.

6 thoughts on “Cousins in Purple”

  1. surely the club hierarchy know how much the members would be opposed to this happening. we have enough discipline problems without importing ready made trouble into the club. the only upside i can see is that it’d give the carr brothers constant opportunity to continue their tag team efforts on him

  2. “But our heirachy would support him and discipline him. and he would become a role model…. :)”

    … just as he has been for the mighty Eagles.

  3. I think you misunderstand. I actually agree that he’s been a bad role model. But looking back, I think I missed the smiley face on your message!

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