Gary Ablett talks frankly about his demons

This is a fascinating article.
Gary Ablett (senior) tells his story, and his battle with his problems.

“I have battled with bouts of depression right throughout my life and it got to a point where I was so desperate to relieve it I started to experiment with drugs.

“Most people have no idea just how debilitating and painful depression is. It’s much worse than just feeling down, it’s mental anguish.

“You can’t describe it with words, and it robs you of so much. It has so many devastating symptoms.

“I started using cocaine thinking it was the answer, and for the first time in a long time I wasn’t depressed.

“So I continued to use cocaine and then ecstasy, not realising how destructive it was until later on.

“I began to use more cocaine and got caught up in the party scene over two or three years.

“It’s only because of my relationship with Jesus, and God’s unconditional love and acceptance of me in Christ, that I’m still here today – and I don’t say that lightly.
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What an amazing testimony, there is a lot more he says, and it is well worth a read, particularly if you are dealing with people and issues revolving around depression.
It makes me think also, how many parallels are there with Gary’s story and Ben Cousins.

3 thoughts on “Gary Ablett talks frankly about his demons”

  1. yeah i was facinated by it this morning as well.

    also the media’s willingness to quote the actualy bible verses was quite surprising.

  2. Thanks Mark – that was a great read.

    It sounds like his foundation is a lot stronger now. Based on God’s Word and not fame, money and performance.

    Interesting piont you make about Ben Cousins and the parallel. I wonder if Ablett could help Ben down the track. He might have something to offer.

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