The Perfect Christmas Tree

How much money will the Morley Galleria spend this year on Christmas decorations? Have you seen the size of their Christmas Trees? They are perfect.

Our humble tree will be erected in the next week or two, and that will be the start of the Christmas season in the Edwards house. It wont be a perfect tree, let me give you the hint. This year it will have homemade decorations, Jimmy Neutron on his spaceship, and a star made from scrap paper and masking tape. Any resemblance between it and what Centro Galleria do, will be purely coincidental. But it will be our family tree, and that’s what matters.

Can I encourage you that in the midst of Christmas, remember what is most important, your family, friends and your Lord Jesus. He is the one who decided to come to a less than perfect world, to a grubby stable, because He cares. Don’t let your family miss the true wonder of Christmas.

Also, keep in mind that Christmas isn’t always a joyous occasion for everyone. Some people will be haunted by loss, having no family, personal tragedy, not having the extra money to buy gifts for their family and other things. If you’ve ever made it through something like that yourself, remember that God wants us to encourage those who suffer at Christmas time, as it reminds them of what they don’t have. Even if you haven’t suffered a specific loss, you can still offer encouragement to others by sharing Christ.

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