Christmas time for Pastors

Love joy peace at Christmas time……..
I am just printing off 300 brochures for our Carols this Friday, after ringing around organing bouncy castles, sausages, buns, sauce and helpers for the same event.

I also am helping organise the sound gear, stage and lighting.

As well as Carols we are having special dinners, break ups and 2 Christmas Services this year.

To say there is a lot on for Pastors at Christmas time is an understatement. But we need to find time to reflect. The one message I am exhorting others too this Christmas is to stop and reflect on Jesus and the amazing story of His intersection with humanity and the story of this world. How can I do this myself amongst the business that a Pastor finds himself in? I must.

Other pastors and busy too, everyone I talk to is stressed out, flat and fatigued. My own team is really pushing themselves at the moment, pushing hard.
My prayer is that in the midst of the business, we will find Christ’s story once again reverberating within us, bringing a sense of hope, peace and joy into our lives,

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