Theological Questions

Number one son: Dad… come God made flies?

Me: mmmmm, thats a tough one son, I dont know why

Number one son: Dad…..spiders like eating flies, maybe thats why He made them….

Me: mmmmmmmm

5 thoughts on “Theological Questions”

  1. Hmmmm I had this one from a workmate the other day – his son goes to a Catholic school and I seem to have all the theological questions sprung my way when he asks his Dad.

    What would have happened if Adam and Eve had not eaten the Apple…

    I was able to give him an answer and a question at the same time (hopefull to have both him and his son thinking :-P)

    “God had a very close relationship with Adam and Eve, and if the apple hadn’t been eaten then that relationship would have continued as it was.

    But, he also wanted us to choose to obey him, not be forced to, and that means we could also choose to disobey him, as Adam and Eve did.

    So the chances were high they would disobey, but even if they didn’t, their children probably would have, and even if all the way to today no one had, I think there’s a good chance I probably would have as well.

    I mean have you ever been told not to do something – and still done it knowing that it was wrong?

    That’s the exact same feeling Adam and Eve would have got before eating the fruit.”

  2. All that time spent studying theology and you get a question about flies!
    Makes all those years of work worth it hey?

  3. Hey!!! Mark … good to hear your Services over Chrismas went well, ours did as well at the Bridge triple our normal gathering!!! Anyhow I reckon, God made Flies to @@@@ us off!!! – well, that’s what I think.

    Mark R

  4. great Mark….how did your speaking go?? I agree with you on the flies though….thats why God made West Coast Eagles supporters as well….. 🙂

  5. flies were made so that they’d have babies which clean up rotting meat on dead animals.. and also so we have something to name umpires after

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