Doing all things possible, to reach as many as possible..

One church in America, which incidentally has staff member Dan Sutherland (author – Transitioning a Church), is giving out shot glasses to let people know about their church.


8 thoughts on “Doing all things possible, to reach as many as possible..”

  1. I dont know about anyone else, but that seems a little unwise to me.

    what if there is a recovering alcoholic? I know there’s nothing in there, and it has a cute little catchy phrase…but it still seems a little silly to me.

  2. I understand your concerns….but if it reaches people for Christ, and destroys some perceptions, why not.

    As for the silliness of it, who cares as long as it works.

  3. I once had a friend who was being interviewed for a youth ministry position at a church here in Oz. The senior pastor said something like I want 500 young people through these doors by the end of the year with which my friend replied, get me a few kegs of beer and I’ll can have 500 here next week!
    Whatever it takes right?

  4. If getting 500 kids to show up is all your after then maybe you should approach “Corey” about your Youth Pastor position 😉


  5. I meant silliness as in it’s a bit silly to do something that could so easily pull them into something they have struggled with for a long time.

    I’m all for destroying perceptions, but maybe in a more thoughtful way.

  6. Totally agree Bek, but I’m probably a bit more blunt as I think it’s not just silly but totally irresponsible. It’s also a shame that coming to know Jesus has to be sold by giving away a shot glass.

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