Media, Oversaturation, fatherhood…heart breaking stories

What has happened….?

Has their truly been more child abuse than ever before in history?
I don’t remember there ever being as many stories as their are now. Australians acting wickedly in Asian countries, local stories, national stories.

Is their truly more, or is it that we are hearing about it more, or has my role as a father made me more sensitive to it?

Either way, sometimes it is too hard to take…..

I was talking to a good friend last night and she was telling me about a metropolitan high school in Perth where allegedly a teenage girl with learning difficulties was sexually assaulted, and the schools response was to hush it up. NO….these sort of things can’t be hushed up. By all means, and with all vigour, protect the identity of the victim…..but don’t try and sweep the offence, and the offender under the carpet.

The truth must be faced.
Our society has far deeper issues than climate change, oil useage etc…not to downplay those issues, but to say that if we can’t get the basics of treating our children with respect and love, then where are we headed as a world anyway?
How does a society which is facing an epedemic of abused children going to live with itself?

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