Earphones and conversing with your wife

I go to the football.
Most of you know that.

Once I went with my now deceased father. It pains me to say it, but he spent the entire game listening to the commentary on his oversized earphones.
That was pretty upsetting for me at the time.

On a lighter note, it did have its upside. Adrian Barich was a channel seven boundary rider at the time, and about the fourth quarter, as Port Adelaide are stitching Freo up, the crowd started up the chant, clearly heard all around the ground, “Barra’s a _ _ _ _ _ _” My dad and I were right near the dugout, and therefore right in the midst of it. Luckily I dont think my father took much notice as I joined in the cheer as Barra waved a rather humorous wave to the crowd.

I never wear my earphones to the football, unless my wife and son can’t come. I would much prefer to talk to them, and have a joint experience together. Even when I have taken my Weagles supporting brother in law to the derby, we talk. Often it is good natured sledging, but we actually enjoy the experience together.

Do you ever see the old guys getting around the place with the am transititor put up to their ear? Maybe their wife walking next to them?

Lifes too short to not enjoy other peoples company while we have the chance. Even just walking in silence is better than that! You can enjoy the sound of birds together.

Nothing Adrian Barich, Karl Langdon or Dennis Commetti is ever going to say is going to change or truly enrich my life, but every time my wife and I really commune…well thats intimacy.

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