Waiting for my life to start……

“I’ve realised that waiting for my life to start, is my life”

I have been brought up in my Christian walk with all the prophecy seminars, end time movies and dispensational theology that a typical idealistic young man was normally given in the eighties Western Church.

After a while, and as I approach my 38th birthday, it has all become a little stale.
I believe Jesus is returning, I believe in an after life, I believe in Heaven.

What I dont believe in is living life for the next life. In fact if in focusing on end times, we have lost the wonder of a life lived for present joys.

My children are growing up too fast. I wonder if this is why some families choose to have more kids, because they don’t want to leave behind the joy of seeing a young baby grow.
Why do I say this? Because I need to enjoy my kids now…as much as I will enjoy their company later in life, and maybe even enjoy seeing their kids grow, right now is the opportunity I have to enjoy life with them.

And of course my children are only one aspect of life.
Life is too short to not enjoy it now. When I say ‘enjoy’, I don’t mean frivilous hedonism, I mean real joy.

God, help me to enjoy…

The love peace and joy of the Holy Spirit
The inner and outer beauty of my wife
The curiousity and trust in my childrens eyes
The acceptance of my friends
The fellowship and purpose of my church
The fulfilment and challenge my ministry
The distraction of my sport
And even the smell of my coffee….

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