Suzuki Vitara V6 2007 Manual

This is my new car, new for me anyway…
Lady I bought it off is a teacher, and just bought herself a Mercedes.
She had taken it up to Karinjini and also lived in Lesmurdie, with a dirt trail driveway, so I have spend the morning cleaning it.

It has done 70,000 K’s and after negotiation cost us $19 grand. Pretty happy with that to be honest. After years of driving a Automatic 1.6l Vitara, I was determined that I would get something with a decent sized motor, and not an automatic. The old one was a good car, but limited. We used to tow a trailer down to Bremer Bay, and it made it okay, but struggled with hills and heat. I don’t think this one will even notice the trailer on the back to be honest.

Good condition, motor and clutch are good. Needs one new tyre, which does not sound a lot, except she had spent money on it, and it has the best tyres you can get for this model, Coopers, and one is going to set me back $280. But it has a good Haymen Rheese Towbar so there is nothing else to spend on it.

It goes like a scalded cat…plenty of power, and the air conditioning is fantastic.

Best car I have ever owned, and am looking forward to years of family vacations and fun in it.

Happy Mark in front of his car

One thought on “Suzuki Vitara V6 2007 Manual”

  1. Brilliant Mark! I am so pleased for you. Your old Vitara was getting a little tired.
    I’m running Cooper ATRs on my Grannd Vitara and they are behaving as excellently as they did on my previous Suzuki (Jimny).

    By the way, the original (highway terrain) tyres on the Suzulki Grand Vitara cost about $380 each so the Coopers at $280 are a great buy!

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