Ulead and communion special

I have been trying to source a good communion video for this Sunday, but was unable to get what I wanted.
So I have grabbed a copy of Ulead and made my own.
It is suprisingly easy, if time consuming.
I have used one of the new songs off Hillsongs new album, combined it with some Bible texts and thoughts, and some videos of crucifixion scenes and also a budding flower.
It has turned out well.
Is video the new bible reading? I think it might be. Rather than only standing and reading the bible, which can be really effective if done well, this is another way to bring to people’s minds the truth of the text.

Hopefully my skills will not detract from the message, but enhance. We’ll see.

Its a real shame some Aussie Churches (big ones) dont give away some of the stuff they are doing. American stuff is often done well, and I use it, but sometimes it loses something with the cultural differences, and even hearing someone using a non Aussie accent can be distracting as well. A lot of the Aussie stuff I have seen has been done by uni students, and is not really very mature (!).

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