Thank you weagles

Once again, you cant trust St Kilda.
With everything to play for, inconsistent footy again.

Although I could not bring myself to cheer for the Weagles, part of me was glad they won.
That brief hope of a top four finish is kept alive.

7 thoughts on “Thank you weagles”

  1. yes i can understand that.. supporting the eagles which assist the dockers into top 4

    i wonder what will happen to chris at the end of this seaon?


  2. Well STewie, we helped the weagles out the other week when we knocked off the Colliwobbles!

    (that doesn’t mean I like it, I go for the Dockers and whoever is playing the weagles)

  3. I’m not ani AFL -not at all, my son plays for the mighty North Albany Kangas, my wife has two nephews that play for the Eagles, M Seaby & R Jones, I teach J Farmer’s Dad In TA (who by the way gave me a signed No 33 trainning shirt), I also in KA teach M Williams brother – Steve, who some say is better – I agree. My point – the only game, the only game that is on tonight, is – Australia V South Africa. What does a Union Player need that an AFL one doen’t? how bout a Pastport. “Go you good thing!!!”

  4. whoa mark_r you have a different genetic code.. a sports genetic code 🙂 never really appreciated your sport. coz we never played it at school

    australia was very lucky to win tonight

    “Australia regained the Mandela Cup and stayed in the Tri Nations hunt with a hard-fought and uninspiring 20-18 victory over South Africa at Telstra Stadium tonight.”


  5. Hey stewie,
    Australia was very lucky to beat South Africa – but NOT THE DOCKERS!!!! in belting Hawthorn – I will be in Tambellup tomorrow – Farmer country – there will be a lot of leaping and praising God …well, not quite sure about that, but there will be a lot of leaping and jumping.

    Yeah, you are right Mark Edwards, a Passport is mighty handy to have on an end of season trip!!! After playing just over 20 games, is that 40 hours of Football?, they deserve a break, after a hard season … and people reckon soccer players are girls??? Check out how many competition hours a top 4 Premier League Soccer Team player, plays a year, a little more than 40 hours me thinks…

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