Freo Heave Ho, Five in a Row

Great game against a determined Hawks side today.
Good mature consistent footy.
Cook was excellent, tough in the packs, and set up about 3 of our goals.
Farmer has taken his game to another level with intense tackling, determined and focused playing. He is playing better footy now that he did at Melbourne.
Bell lead from the front, good to see Justin L back and firing, and Sandi was particularly agressive today, which he needs to be to get the best out of his game.
Amazing ladder at the moment with 6 of the 8 sides being equal on points.
If it were not for our lousy percentage we could be 3rd on the ladder!

I know logic says otherwise, but I think we are a silly chance against ladder leaders Adelaide next week, and then onto the INCONSISTENT Saints.

Then of course the Derby.
Now here are the blog rules for commenting on the Derby.
Watching the occaisional last five minutes of a West Coast game DOES not make you a supporter of the Toasters, it makes you a bandwagon hopping, chardonny sipping, kneedle knitting ignoramus, like many West Australians. 🙂

I have been a member of the Dockers for years know, go to every game, watch every game, have 7 Dockers shirts in the wardrobe. I have suffered for many years, I am a supporter.
If you are a West Coast ‘supporter’ because that is an easier choice than being a real member or supporter, then……………….

On the other hand, if you suffered through 2000 and 2001, during the Judge years, and are a real supporter, let the sledging begin 🙂 🙂

4 thoughts on “Freo Heave Ho, Five in a Row”

  1. Ha!

    Regardless of the amount of money one may or may not have to invest in ones team of choice true love is true love.

    And as for the derby unless the Mighty Warriors of West Coast go into the game with a fair shot at the minor premiership, it seems reasonably safe to assume the dockers will play their grandfinal in August while the Eagles will be focusing and refining for the month that counts. Not satisfied with merely getting there.

    So the Shockers a real change for a bit of August glory.

  2. ooohhhhhhh anonymous poster, you sound really scared,
    do I detect some early justification for a derby loss?
    If you think that either team dont count this as the most important game they play for the first 22 rounds, then your kidding.
    Both teams, regardless of spot on the ladder, will be going at it hammer and tongs.

    As to your point about cash, thats not the point. Not everyone can afford membership, granted. But as a Dockers supporter, its pathetic how some people are supporters of the WC just because that is the thing to do.
    I respect real supporters, even those who cant afford membership.

    BTW, I have been thinking about the mighty warriors of the WC. I dont think any fair minded citizen could support that bunch of law dodging ‘role models’. There is some serious rot at the WC, that no amount of winning games will cover up.

  3. just lucky us anonomouse WC Eagles fans wont be really concerned if we lose the derby (sure we’d rather win – but if it makes no difference to our final position and your boys run themselves to within an inch of their lives – and yes some of your boys get to that state of exhaustion walking to the local store) so long as the boys are focused for a big big effort the last Saturday of Sept.

    No more injuries and the boys have a legitimate right to be playing each game for the cup and the cup alone.

    So not so much as scared, just comfortable with human falibility and expecting my footballers to be good with a bit of leather on the last Saturday in September on a big patch of green and not so concerned what they get up to off the field.

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