Australind Baptist Church Homeless

Australind Baptist Church has nowhere to meet this week after the Tornado which ripped through Australind on Monday destroyed the Settler Community Hall.
Pastor Wayne Field said that, “A mini tornado hit Australind this morning. Fortunately no families from Australind Baptist Church have suffered any damage to their homes, though other residents in Settler’s estate did not escape unscathed. A number of homes have been destroyed and trees flattened in a stretch about 200m wide and 2km long”.
There have been no injuries reported from the tornado, which was forecast by the Bureau of Meterology.
Australind Baptist Church was fortunate in that most of the church gear was locked away in cupboards that kept the weather out, and so it has been preserved.
Their popular community program, Toddler Jam, will also have to find another place to meet, which is unfortunate as it popular with many of the local families.

Settler’s Hall will most likely be demolished as the force of the tornado has lifted the roof, blown out windows and buckled walls. Pastor Wayne Field has commented that this is an opportunity for the growing church, which was finding the local hall constrictive to their congregation.

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