Most people just want someone to listen

Here is a great quote from Susan Scott.

“Most people are actually waiting for someone to come along so they can talk about things close to the heart, what they believe, things important. They have been waiting all their lives for someone like you to listen.” (Susan Scott Mineral Rights Conversations)-.

If we are honest about ourselves all of us are concerned about ourself. We all want someone to listen to and be concerned about us. For some of us it is quite the surprise when someone is genuinely and keenly interested in our lives.

Recently I spent two weeks all by myself travelling up North through Exmouth, Karijini, Coral Bay and some other places. Someone asked me what it was like being along, didn’t I get lonely and miss my family. Of course I missed my wife and family and friends. But I knew I had them to come back to. I could call them, reconnect and listen and speak to them.

I wonder if there are people in our lives who do not have that blessing. Who in fact have no one to talk to. Perhaps we could be that person. One of the greatest gifts we can give someone is to listen to them.

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