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Saying no to Jesus

One of my biggest battles of the mind has been when people leave. I am preaching from Luke 10 this week where Jesus says that if someone does not receive the message, wipe the dust off your coat and move on.

Seems to me that is easy to say and hard to do. If you love people, and in particular the one you have just shared your life and faith with, it is hard to just shake it off and move on. I am not convinced Jesus had that type of callous heart either. Not when I see Him weep over Jerusalem and long to gather them up in his arms like a mother would a child.

I am reminded of the thought that my role may be seasonal. I may just be a part of their story. Like the 72 in Luke 10 were.

Hoping, believing, trusting and being patient.


Reading through an old commentary I came across the word ‘dissembling’ and the writer used it often. It means to hide or mask ones own feelings. In the commentary the author used it as a negative when someone is hypocritical about Jesus. They hide their true feelings towards Him. It is described as a sin to hide what you truly think.

I often ponder than I am too candid. That it is considered wrong to express what you are actually thinking with such directness. And I take that seriously, questioning myself often. Should I say that, should I share that. And that is a valid concern for me. I really need to be careful.

It is a compelling thought that hiding our true feelings is also an issue. Not revealing what is going on in our hearts and minds can lead to a less than honest relationship.

Once again I find myself striving for the radical middle.